Donate and contribute to Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha towards Brahmin’s Welfare. [Regd under Society Act: 18/2021]

Donate your contributions to Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha towards Brahmins Welfare for a specific cause.

Donate - Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha

What you can Donate or Contribute?

You shall donate money and contributions by online transfer through Payment Gateways or directly to our Bank account and or Specific Kind [Materials and Assets] like Second Hand Laptop, Computers, Two Wheelers, Chair Tables, Cars and even Home Appliances including immovable properties. Except Immovable Properties you shall donate only without conditions.

Who can Donate or Contribute ?

To donate Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha, our organization has fixed the following eligibilities.

Only registered Brahmin members of our organization or any Brahmin person by community who is above 18 years of age, shall donate or participate to contribute. To register you shall VISIT HERE

You may be  Corporate or Enterpreneur, but to contribute you may need some special permission and approval from our organisation, where you shall contribute to our Organisation or to donate directly to our Bank Account.

For Which cause you shall donate?

  1. For Educational Aid: Every year we are getting several requests from poor brahmins to undergo their educational fees and college fees.  Its know that several brahman families are suffering without good a standard and good job and running their life in hand to mouth existence.  No government is ready to provide scholarship or grants to uplift a brahmin student. Its know that right from education fees to competitive exam fees we brahmins need to pay higher and super most fees comparing to other students. So as a Brahmin if you have kind heart to support a child or student education you shall donate from minimum Rs.500 to the maximum of limitless amount every years.
  2. For Funeral Assistance:  Several brahmin families are suffering without money for the funeral expenses of their deceased family members at the last moment. They are not getting ambulance assistance and they have no helping hands to conduct the ritual process of such deceased family members. The main reason is poverty and economical backwardness. If you are interested to contribute money to such events you shall donate from Rs.500 to Endless amount.
  3. For Medicine and Medical Help: Poor brahmins use to face critical times towards their Critical health issues. Its known that, several poor brahmins have no support from government or government welfare schemes to take dedicated care for such patients. Our organisation is dedicated to support such patients by providing assistance to buy medicines and other medical support steps. If you are interested to save life of such poor brahmins you shall donate from Rs.500 to Endless amount.
  4. For Poverty Relief : There are several brahmins who have no money even to buy their monthly groceries and to pay the house rent or to buy their cloths. Day to day survival is hectic process for them. In ground of mercy we shall donate and help them to survive at least with basic needs of that family. If you are interested to support such cause you shall donate from Rs. 500 to endless amount to fulfill their needs.
  5. For Free Wedding:  Several poor brahmin brides are waiting to get married to right person due to insufficiency of funds and poverty.  Several marriages got held up only due to monetary reasons. If you are interested to support such cause you shall donate from Rs.500 to endless amount to fulfill their dreams.
  6. For Widow Welfare: Several Widow brahmins are suffering without children, with poverty and their daily life survival found uphill task. For their food, shelter, cloths they are working as maids or cooks and roaming around their locality. If you are interested to support for their situations and cause you shall donate from Rs.1000/- to limitless amount.
  7. For Brahmin Welfare Center Building Constructions: Our Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha have proposals to open Brahmin Welfare centers in and around India. In some areas people are interested to provide their damaged premises for free or for rent. In such a case we may need much money to renovate or to construct such Welfare Centers which helps every brahmin of such zone to get welfare benefits and this leads to find their path towards their life development. You shall donate from Rs.1000 to infinite amount for the cause of Brahmin Welfare Center Building constructions.
  8. For Purchase of Immovable Property: As a brahmin, you shall donate your unused lands and other immovable property to our Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha to create welfare centers in every districts and localities. if you don’t have such property or lands, atleast you shall donate possible amount to buy such properties in the name of our organization. You shall donate from Rs.5000 to limitless amount
  9. For Corpus Fund: As a brahmin you shall donate for the Corpus fund of Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha. For that you may need to register as a life member of our organisation. Once you become as a minimum life member eligibility you shall donate much to our organisation Corpus fund. You shall donate from Rs.5000 and to the limitless amount.
  10. As of now these are the categories where a Brahmin donor shall donate and contribute Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha.

How much money you can donate?

You shall donate from Rs.500 and upto Rs.48,000 through online. To avoid paying transfer charges to payment gateway or  To donate more than Rs. 48000/- you may need to get special permission and approval from our organisation with your ID Proofs and Address Proofs. To get Special permission, Please fill this form.

How much Material Kinds shall be contributed ?

Without any conditions, You shall contribute unlimited, working condition materials like Laptop, Desktop PC, Chair Tables, Cycles, Bikes, Motor Cycles, Auto 3 Wheelers, 4 Wheeler Cars, Steel or Wooden cots, Bureau, Shelfs, Acqua Water filters

Refund Policy :

Any amount you donate or the materials you contribute to our Bharatha Brahmana Maha Sabha shall not be refunded at any circumstances. So please decide yourself to contribute or Donate.

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